About Us

They say necessity is the mother of invention. A couple of years back I was searching for a monitor stand for my two monitors at work. I, as had many of my colleagues, used A4 reams of paper to prop up my monitor stand to raise it to eye level. This looked ugly and so a search begun for a replacement. The brief was simple. 

  1. A stand that was about 550mm to 600mm wide, about the same width as my monitor and big enough so I could push my keyboard under it. 
  2. Not so deep as to take up to much of my desk space. So around 200mm would be good
  3. Must be stylish enough that it would suit the aesthetics of a professional office space.
  4. Also I don’t have a Vesa monitor, so those ugly monitor arms were out to. Also non vesa monitors are a lot cheaper.

I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything that remotely resembled my brief. So I looked to a good friend of mine Tony, a genius in the construction of anything involving wood. We came up with a simple design. A 16mm piece of MDF board, with 1mm rounded edging and some plastic furniture legs. The legs also had to be detachable for easy assembly and cheap postage. After a few prototypes we came up with the product that is now sitting on the desks of hundreds of happy customers. Our stands are now in offices around the country, from boardrooms at Westfield corporate headquarters to miners in Broome.

We are very happy with our products and so will you be.